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13 Best Bakugan Toys | What Are Bakugan Toys

13 Best Bakugan battle planet toys


Red Bakugan Toys

Bakugan began in the year 2007 in Japan. It started with a 50 episode animated series and a set of toys. The basis is the traditionally famous marble games. The Bakugan toy is basically a small size ball holding itself with a magnet, however when the ball hits a magnetic card it opens up and convert itself into a super cool creature.

Check out our list of best Bakugan toys and accessories that will help you in choosing the best Bakugans for your kid:


1. Bakugan Starter Pack 3-Pack:

Bakugan Pack of three

Give your kid this starter pack of three allowing him to brawl and enter the battlefield with three different characters.  These characters come in red, green and golden theme.

The starter Bakugan toy set includes 2 Bakugan, 1 Bakugan Ultra, six BakuCores and six Trading Cards. The two characters open traditionally whereas Bakugan ultra provides a heroic leap-open action.

Price: $19.99

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2. Bakugan, Battle Pack of 05:


Bakugan Pack of 5

This pack of five Bakugan toys provides a complete battle package and includes everything your kid needs to have a great start and win the battles. This complete package includes three fierce Bakugan, two Bakugan ultra, ten powerful Baku cores, five-character, and five ability cards.

This toy collection pack can be a perfect gift for young Bakugan fans age 6 and above

Price: $65.00

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3. Bakugan Battle Arena:


Bakugan Blue Play Arena

This Bakugan battle arena provides a perfect stage for Bakugan brawls. The blue-themed arena provides a great battle platform and creates a perfect environment that your kids going to love.

The box includes one Bakugan Battle Arena, one Exclusive Bakugan, two Baku Cores, one Ability Card and one Character Card. It is recommended for kids 6 and above.

Price: $49.96

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Check out the red theme and multi-colour battle arena and choose the best colour of your choice

3.1. The Red Theme Game Arena:


Bakugan Red Play Arena

Price: $45.10

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3.2. Bakugan Multicoloured Game Arena:


Multi Colored Bakugan Game Arena

Price: $39.80

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4. Bakugan Ultra, Tretorous:

 Bakugan Ultra, Tretorous toy

Power up your brawling with this amazing Character known as Tretorous. Explore the power of this Bakugan ultra that provides a leap-open Baku transformation.

The purple and black colour combination make it look astonishing, furthermore, its green eyes make it unique in every sense. Brawl your Tretorous on the battlefield and leap towards victory.

The package includes one Bakugan Ultra, one Baku-Gear, two Baku Cores, one Character Card, one ability Card, one Bakugan Toy Battling Rules Sheet and one Instruction Sheet

Price: $12.99

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5. Bakugan Ultra, Ventus Ramparian:


 Bakugan Ultra, Ventus Toy

This is another ultra Bakugan toy. Check out the magic of this green Ventus Ramparian that has 800 B power and magic shields that will definitely give your kid the edge on the opponent.

Since it is an ultra-version it will give an amazing leap-open action. The package includes one Bakugan Ultra, one Baku-Gear, two Baku Cores, one Character Card, one Ability Card, one Battling Rules Sheet and one Instruction Sheet

Price: $12.70

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6. Bakugan Ultra, Pyrus Serpenteze:


 Bakugan Ultra, Pyrus Serpenteze Toy

This 300 B power Pyrus Serpenteze will definitely impress you with its outstanding design and its huge size. This ultra-version have open-leap actionability that may give you an extra edge over your opponent.

This three-inch Bakugan toy is suitable for kids 6 years and above. The package comes with  Bakugan Ultra, two BakuCores, two Character Card and one ability Card

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7. Bakugan, Aquos Cubbo:

This Bakugan character is different from the other competitors in the world of Bakugan battle planet toys, it is not the cruel-looking one, in fact, it looks more friendly and cute. Isn’t it amazing? Surprise your opponent with a combination of cuteness and lethal power. Bakugan, Aquos Cubbo

The Quuos Cubbo is extremely easy to close. It has 100B power however if it lands on magic shields it offers an outstanding 600B power.

This two-inch tall Cubbo is recommended for ages six and above. The package includes one Bakunin, two Baku cores and one character card

Price: $25.88

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8. Bakugan Deka, Fused Nillious x EENOCH:


 Bakugan Deka, Fused Nillious x Eenoch Toy

The moment you see this Bakugan Deka Fused Nillious, you’ll definitely fell in love immediately. It is one of the top-selling toys in its category at

The muscular look of this beast in addition to its attractive dark purple colour with few patches of green has the ability to overshadow your opponent’s toy. The 1200 B power makes it even more special. It is recommended for ages above six and above. The package includes one Deka Bakugan, one Jumbo Baku Core and one ability card.

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9. Bakugan Ultra, Mantonoid:

Bakugan Ultra, Mantonoid, Toy

This is another ultra Bakugan character with an outstanding leap-open action transformation. Checkout the Baku cores to reveal the power of this beast

The green-themed character offers 600 B power which is fantastic. It is three inches tall and suitable for kids above six years and above. The package Includes one Bakugan Ultra, two Baku Cores, one Character Card, and one ability card.

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10. Bakugan Ultra – Aquos Cloptor:

Bakugan Ultra - Aquos Cloptor Toys

The cool Aquos Cloptor is a water-themed creature with blue colour makes it a cruel Bakugan. The unique thing about this toy is its ‘eye’ that comes separately in the box and you can fix it to make it look more dashing. Once you attach the eye to the designated place, you can move it with a simple touch of your fingers.

This three-inch toy offers 600 B power and suitable for ages six and above. The box includes one Bakugan ultra, two Bakugan cores, one ability card, one character card, one instruction and one battling rules sheet.

Price: $17.99

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11. Bakugan, Dragonoid, Tall Action Figure:

Bakugan, Dragonoid Toy

This dragonid fierce character is the first one in our list of Bakugan planet toys. This fierce creature provides an epic transformation experience. It is a 2-inch tall figure toy that catches the eyes of the user with its expanded colour combination of red and yellow. The yellow horn is visible from distance and makes it a unique Bakugan toy.

It is recommended for ages 6 and above.

Price: $11.49

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12. Bakugan Accessories:

The bigger fan you are of the Bakugan world, the more creatures collection you will have. In order to keep your collection organized and create a champion impression, there are several accessories to choose from.

Have a look at a few of them and find out which one suits your Bakugan army.


12.1 Bakugan, Baku-Storage Case (Red):


 Bakugan, Baku-Storage Case (Red)

This beautiful red storage case allows you to bring brawl with you anywhere you like. Going for a competition and taking this elegantly designed storage case in your hand will definitely put your opponent under pressure.

The case offers space to keep your 14 Bakugan toys, character cards, ability cards and Baku cores in one concise place.

The box does not come empty, it adds one creative Dragonoid Bakugan to your collection. The package includes  one Baku-storage, one Exclusive Bakugan, two BakuCores, one Character Card

Price: $28.99

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The Bakugan storage cases are available in other colours as well.


12.2. Bakugan, Baku-Storage Case (Gold):


Bakugan, Baku-Storage Case (Gold)

Price: $19.99

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12.3. Bakugan, Baku-Storage Case (Blue):


 Bakugan, Baku-Storage Case (Blue)

Price: $49.88 

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you might also want to check the different style of storage cases that can be used for other purposes as well:


13. Toy Organizer Storage Case:


Toy Organizer Storage Case

Price: $10.99

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 Toy Organizer Storage Case

Price: $18.99

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Following are some of the most asked questions on the internet about Bakugan toys, we have tried to give brief and concise answers for our audience with the aim to clear basic concepts:

What are Bakugan toys?

If you have recently heard about Bakugan toys and curious to know the details you’ll find it quite useful.

Bakugan toys are tiny size characters with a height of two to three inches mostly and can easily get converted into a small size ball. The player rolls the ball on a small magnetic floor tile, once the ball touches the magnet it transforms into a fantasy creature.

These creatures resemble dragons and dinosaurs mostly. Every character has a certain power that helps the user to win the battle.

You can buy a single character or in a pack of two, three, four or five. If you are new, it is better to buy a multi-pack, this will allow to you have a good collection of Bakugan creatures right at the beginning.


How to play Bakugan?

The basic aim to win three Bakugan battles against your opponent, you are allowed to use Bakugan G-power and modifier cards as well, which are ultimately used to decide the winner of the game

There are a number of characters produced even some tie ins with marvel. The Bakugan fans are literally crazy about these characters and love to have their own big collection of Bakugan battle planet toys.


What is the best Bakugan toy?

If your child is a fan of Bakugan battle planet toys, check out our list of best Bakugan toys which will help you to find the best one for your kid and add some useful characters in your kid’s collection.

Not only you will find the necessary information but toy specific videos to give you more in-depth information to choose your best Bakugan toys.


Where can I get Bakugan toys?

if we talk about the US and Canada You can get Bakugan toys from, Walmart and target. Visit your nearest store or these days, it is more convenient to order online. Most people choose amazon for their shopping.  All you have to do is to choose your Bakugan toy and place an order, then sit back and relax. If you want to know how to choose the best Bakugan toy, check out our article that price details and video content as well to give you an in-depth review.



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