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11 Best Convertible Car Seats of 2023


Buying A Convertible Car Seats Is Important Here is what you need to know:

baby sleeping on convertible car seat

Our Top Selections:


Designed to be part of your family for more than a decade. Carry weights from 5 to 120 pounds, 14 headrest height option and 7 positions recline making it one of the best convertible car seat option.

Rare facing position covers from 5-40 pounds, forward-facing 22-65 pounds, belt-positioning booster 40-100 pounds.

Safe cell’ impact protection and integrate-system of safety protect your child far beyond the safety standards.

The amazing 95% customer satisfaction level. Can bear the weight up to 65 pounds;  easily adjustable harness and 9 position headrest option.

Outstanding safety features with outstanding design, easy to install, 4 recline positions, fits up to 65 pounds weight with 91% customer satisfaction level.

No need of taking the seat out of the car to do the cleaning, simply take out the pieces for easy wash, it covers the weight from 14-40 pounds for rare facing and 22-85 pounds for forward-facing.

Its user-friendly harness makes it easy to take the baby in and out of the car. The headrest can move up to 10 positions with 3 recline positions that provide the value of the money.

The rare and front modes with the addition of a backless belt booster mode that covers the weight up to 120 pounds, offers 6 position recline, and a harness with 10 position adjustability.

The price is quite affordable, available in 4 colours, offers some great safety features, 10-position-adjustable harness and removable fabric for easy wash.

Designed to fit the aeroplane seat, offers 3 modes; front, rare and booster, can carry weight up to 120 pounds and offers extra legroom.

  • Best in Popularity: Graco Tranzition 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat

Thousands of sales and 97% positive feedback makes it the top in popularity. It offers 3 in 1 harness, a 9 position adjustable headrest. you will also get peace of mind as it is crash tested and meet US safety standards. 


11 Best Convertible Car Seats for 2023

Check out our favourites in the conclusion


What is a convertible car seat?

All parents on the planet Earth want to buy the best products for their children. When it comes to car seats, an ideal convertible car seat should have some important features to add value to the lives with assurance of safety and comfort.

There are 2 common questions parents usually ask, we have tried to answer both together.

  • Can I use a convertible car seat for a newborn?
  • Do you need an infant car seat and convertible car seat?

Most of these car seats are designed to grow with the baby; they can be used from the day of birth to 10 years of age in most cases. Moreover, they are flexible to get converted easily as per the age requirement of the baby and that’s why these seats are considered as part of the family. These seats can carry weight from 5 pounds to 120 pounds, some can carry up to 65 pounds, which option is more suitable is something that varies from person to person.

There are only a few reasons for choosing a car seat for our young ones, besides just being few, the importance of these factors is really important to know before buying a car seat.


Factors to know before placing an order:

  • The first factor is safety for sure; our children are the most precious gift from God therefore as parents their safety is more important for us, even more than our own selves. It’s a well-known fact that a baby is safer in a rare facing position, therefore, the more time a baby can spend in a rare facing is better.

  • The second factor after quality is the easy installation process, some of the car seats offer really awesome features but not able to get good customer ratings because of the hassle they bring when it comes to installation.

  • A convertible car seat with extra legroom is always preferable as it provides more comfort to the kid.

  • A car seat with extra protection is an added advantage.

  • Grows with baby, most car seats can carry weight up to 120 pounds, some can carry up to 65 pounds, do check your requirement and the space available in your car before reaching a decision.

  • Easy to clean: The manufacturers realize the importance of cleaning, they are aware of a mess a baby can create so, to make the parents’ job easy they offer materials easy to clean, removable, machine and hand washable. However not every car seat provides everything and requires close attention before choosing the one for your baby.

  • Above all, it fits easily in the car, even with the best of features if it has fitting issues, it may become useless for you.

We have some great Convertible Car Seat picks for you which will be really helpful for you in making a good decision on the basis of your needs and limitations.


In this article you will find:

  • 11 best convertible car seats review
  • The features they offer
  • Existing customer feedback analysis (The most important)
  • Our Favorites (Conclusion)


1.  Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max 5-in-1 Car Seat


Maxi-Cosi Car Seat

Key Features:

  • Suitable for 5 to 120 pounds kids
  • 3 adjustable heights
  • 14 headrest height option
  • 7 recline positions
  • Meets Federal safety standards
  • Easy to operate “auto-magnetic chest clip”
Why We Admire It:

This convertible car seat is a new release and provides lots of options one can wish for.

The product is designed to keep the convenience of the user in mind. It comes with a plan to stay with you for a longer period of time because of its ability to carry weights from 5 to 120 pounds.

Other main features include the option of 3 adjustable torso height positions, 14 headrest height option that grows with your kid. Furthermore, the car seat also offers 7 positions recline and the list of features doesn’t end here.

The Maxi-Cosi car seats are known for the “airside impact protection”. In other words, it is kind of an airbag installed to ensure the safety of your baby in case of any impact, and most importantly provide comfort during routine usage. Furthermore, It meets all of the Federal safety standards to make the life of the parents easy.

To add further value, this convertible car seat comes with the ‘Clip Quik’s auto-magnetic chest clip’ which is extremely easy to operate for parents but equally difficult for kids to unbuckle. Once unbuckle the harness doesn’t fell down but stays at its place making it easier to move the baby in and out of the car.

Parents’ Feedback:

The product has received around 125 plus reviews out of which 87% are on the positive side where has only 6% are on the lower side.

  • Price: $ 399 (Offer price $249 when this article was written).
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2.  Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat:


Safety 1st Seat


Key Features:

  • Suitable for kids weighing between 5 to 100 pounds
  • Easy to operate
  • Removable seat pad for easy wash
  • Offers side impact protection
  • Adjustable headrest and harness
Why We Admire It:

This safety-first product is named ‘grow and go’ as it really allows your baby to grow in it.

The weight this car seat can carry is:

·         Rare facing position covers from 5-40 pounds

·         Forward-facing 22-65 pounds

·         Belt-positioning booster 40-100 pounds

Its harness holders are designed to stay firm at their position to ensure the smooth process of moving the baby in and out of the seat. Moreover, it offers 3 recline positions, 2 cup holders, and a removable seat pad to do the washing job easily.

The quick harness option is helpful for harness and headrest adjustment in one single step. In addition, its cushion provides comfort which is backed up by a side impact protection to ensure the safety of the user.

Parents’ Feedback:

The customer reviews give you an idea of the actual performance of the product. This convertible car seat has 3800 plus customers’ reviews so far in the USA, which gives us the idea of its popularity.

To be specific, the positive ratings are 85% whereas 10% have marked this product unsatisfactory. Some of the common issues are:

·         Might be a bit difficult to install

·         Customer service reviews are not good

·         Some complaints of not getting tighten up easily

The happy customers, however, tell us a different side of the picture, these people find this product amazing and worth the value of money.

Price: $172

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3. Britax Marathon Click Tight Convertible Car Seat


Britax Gray and black Seat

Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Impact protected safe cell
  • Side collision protection
  • 14 position adjustable harness
  • 7 recline positions
Why We Admire It:

One of the core requirements (after safety feature) we look for in any convertible car seat is its easy installation in less time; the Britax Marathon resolved this problem, now you can install the seat by just buckling the seat the belt across. All you need to do is to open the car seat from the front, buckle the seat belt across the seat and close the panel and that’s it!.

Its ‘Safe cell’ impact protection and integrate-system of safety work together to protect your child far beyond the safety standards. Furthermore, the shield-shaped surrounding wall with foam inside works as a protective shield for your kids and keep them safe in case of an impact by working as a side collision protection.

The 14 position harness is adjustable and grows with your kid; the feature ensures its long term usage. In addition, 7 recline position option is also available for the comfort of your baby.

It can be used for:

  • Rare facing: 5-40 ponds
  • Front-facing: 20-65 pounds


Parents’ Feedback:

Out of 700 plus customer reviews the satisfactory level is around 83% whereas 13% are not happy with this product. The main concerns highlighted are the design issue and some found it difficult to install meanwhile the positive feedback shows a great level of customer satisfaction.

Price: $299

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4.  Chicco Next Fit Zip Convertible Car Seat (Vivaci):


Chicco Purple Car Seat

Key Fetures:

  • Can carry weight between 5 to 65 pounds
  • 9 position extendable headrest
  • Tight-fitting feature for smooth experience
  • Side zippers makes it easy to wash
Why We Admire It:

The Chicco Next-fit convertible car seat creates a solid first impression on its users. It provides rear and forward-facing options, the rear-facing is removable and covers babies from 5-11 pounds however toddlers can use the rare facing till they reach 40 pounds.

Its forward-facing mode can bear the weight of up to 65 pounds; it also offers an easily adjustable harness and 9 position headrest option which is available in both rare and front-facing positions.

Moreover, the headrest provides 9 position extendable adjustments to cater to growing babies, it comes with ‘Super cinch tighten’ that helps in quick and tight-fitting of the seat. The zipper on the sides makes the washing job easy.

Parents’ Feedback:

Firstly, in the important test of the customer reviews this car seat has got 95% of the positive feedbacks, the number of total feedbacks is just above 100 though. Secondly, unhappy customers are only 3% which is like having no negative feedback at all.

Price $299

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5.  Britax Boulevard Click-Tight Car Seat:


Britax Black and grey seat

Key Feature:

  • Shock absorbing safety basement
  • Impact-absorbing steel frame
  • Shock absorbing harness
  • Suitable for 5 to 65-pound kids
  • Easy to install
  • Click snug harness
  • 4 reclining positions
Why We Admire It:

The safety feature of any car seat is the most important factor for all parents; this Britax convertible car seat offers some outstanding safety features. It has a honeycomb-shaped structure installed in its basement which is designed to absorb shocks during a collision situation.

It also comes with an ‘impact-absorbing steel frame cover’ to provide a strong shield to your baby. In addition, the harness also has shock impact absorbing cushions which are designed to disperse the energy in case of an impact.

The rear-facing covers babies from 5 to 40 pounds whereas forward-facing meets the requirement of kids between 20 to 65 pounds.

Furthermore, It is easy to install, all you need to do is to open the front frame, pass the seat belt through and fit the belt.

The Seat offers a feature “Click and safe snug harness”. It gives you a click sound when the harness is tightened enough. The car seat offers 4 reclining positions with easy to read indicator, the product made up of plush foam to provide a high level of comfort.

Parents’ Feedback:

In conclusion, we can confidently say that the Britax is one of the popular convertible seat manufacturers and the customer ratings also give the reflection of their admiration for this product. Out of 700 customer reviews, 91% are positive whereas 8% of people have given low ratings.

Price: $309

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6.  Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat:


Maxi-Cosi Seat in black color

Key Features:

  • Covers weight between 14 to 85 pounds
  • Removable harness and seat pads for easy cleaning
  • Firm harness makes it easy to operate
Why We Admire It:

These car seats cover the weight from 14-40 pounds for rare facing and 22-85 pounds for forward-facing which is quite high in comparison to some of its competitors which allow the weight up to 65 pounds only.

The car seat is easy to clean as the seat pads and harness covers are easy to remove and allow you not to disengage the whole seat for washing, the removable items are both hand and machine washable.

In addition, its harness is firm and maintains its position; this feature keeps the straps away and makes your job easy to move the baby in and out of the car seat.

Comes in 2 models,

  • Maxi Cosi Pria 85
  • Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Max

Parents’ Feedback:

The combined customer reviews for both models, suggest 81% positive feedback and 14% of lower customer ratings. Considering the 700 plus reviews the 81% is good but not an outstanding achievement however the 14% low rating figure is also on the slightly higher side.

Price: $269

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7.  Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat (Atmosphere):


Black Peg Perego Primo Car Seat

Key Features:

  • Suitable for 5 to 65 pounds
  • Hassle-free operations
  • Side impact protected headset
  • 10 position headrest
  • 3 recline positions
  • Ideal for newborn and smaller babies
Why We Admire It:

This made in Italy product is suitable for 5-40 pounds for rare facing and forward-facing to children from 22-65 pounds.

The harness straps are available on both sides of the seat which holds the harnesses to make them out of the way and consequently make your job easy to bring the baby in and out of the car in a hassle-free manner.

Side impact protection headset is an outstanding tool this car seat offers. There is a tab on top of the seat, pull it to raise the headrest and harnesses at the same time; it can be done while your child is on the seat. Other than that, the headrest can move up to 10 positions meanwhile a 3 recline position provides you with the further value of the money.

Above all this wide padded seat has a removable cushion specially designed for newborn and smaller babies. It also provides quick release 5 point harness.

Parents’ Feedback:

To sum up, the customer ratings available at Amazon are less than 50, the satisfaction ratings for this convertible car seat are 70% meanwhile around 21% of people are not very much happy with their decision to buy this product which is much higher than other brands.

Price: Starts from $279

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8.  Graco 4Ever 4 In 1 Convertible Car Seat:

Graco 4 in 1 Seat

Key Features:

  • Suitable for kids between 4 to 100 pounds
  • Offers infant insert
  • 6 position recline
  • 10 position headrest and harness
  • Suitable for big cars
Why We Admire It:

The Graco 4Ever is suitable for babies from 4 pounds to 120 pounds! How amazing is that? To go in further details:

·         Rare facing covers 4 to 40 pounds

·         Forward-facing is suitable from 22-65 pounds

·         Booster seat made for kids between 30-100 pounds

·         Backless belt booster suits 40-120 pounds

This rare face car seat comes with an infant insert which is removable and machine washable as well, there is a 5 point harness with a chest clip and a buckle. To lose the strap, simply press down the button under the flap button.

It offers 6 position recline, 3 for rare, 2 for forward and 1 for booster. The headrest and harness provide 10 position adjustability to fit-in different sizes of kids moreover the seat takes some space and might not be very useful for small cars.

To get the actual performance feedback, let’s see what users of this car seat tell us.

Parents’ Feedback:

Here’s the amazing part, the product has got more than 2000 reviews out of which 94% are on the positive side and only 3% are negative. This shows the popularity of this convertible car seat among the users. In short, the reviews speak for themselves and make the jobs of prospective buyers easy.

Price: $ 299

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9.      Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat:


Britax Allegiance Blue shade Car Seat

Key Features:

  • Suitable for 5 to 65-pound weight
  • 10 position adjustable harness and headrest
  • Latch compatible
  • Removable fabric
  • Impact-absorbing base
  • Energy-absorbing tether
  • Impact stabilizing steel frame
  • Side Impact protection
Why We Admire It:

The Britax Allegiance convertible car seat is providing so many features at a lesser price.

For instance, it comes in 4 colours, can be used rare facing for 5-40 pound babies and forward-facing for 22-65 pound kids. Moreover, there is a  feature ‘padded safe shell impact protection’ to keep the child safe in case of a collision.

The car seat provides a 10-position-adjustable harness and headrest enabling the car seat to grow with your baby.

It is latch compatible and makes the installation job easier. The fabric is removable without removing the harness, however, it is hand-washable only.

The other safety features include:

·         Impact-absorbing base to keep the baby safe

·         Energy-absorbing tether that reduces the chances of forward-rotation of the seat

·         Impact stabilizing steel frame to absorb crash impact

·         Side Impact protection created with foam line shell

Parents’ Feedback:

Despite the lower price the customer ratings are around 90 only, the positive figure is 89% which is excellent compared to the lower ranking which is around 8%.

Price $189

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10.   Diono Radian 3RXT All-in-One Car Seat:


Diono Radian Grey color Car Seat

Key Features:

  • Suitable from newborn to 120-pound kids
  • Side Impact protection
  • 12 position adjustable headrest
  • Extendable side
  • Removable cup holder
  • Easy to install super-latch system
  • Compatible with aeroplane seats
Why We Admire It:

This beautiful looking Diono Radian convertible car seat is one of those which are suitable for newborn babies to a 120-pound kid. It can be used in 3 stages:

·         Stage 01:              Rare facing mode

·         Stage 02:              Front-facing mode

·         Stage 03:              Booster mode

It comes with a base that is used for rare facing mode, and also has a newborn support insert, a cup holder and a lap belt cushion. The product is available in 9 different colours whereas the side-impact protection cushion not only ensures safety but its softness provides a great level of comfort.

The 12 position adjustable headrest is suitable for kids up to 57” in height. Also, the sides of the sitting area are also extendable to some extent to give you more space as the baby grows meanwhile the removable cup holder can be removed for smaller babies.

Its super-latch system makes the installation easy and secure, the click sound lets you know when connections are locked.

Most importantly a unique feature of this convertible car seat is its ability to fold and become easy to transport. It is also compatible with aeroplane seats so that safety can travel with you everywhere.

Parents’ Feedback:

The customer ratings are 500 plus which is great! similarly, the overall customer satisfaction level is 85% which is not bad considering 500 reviews. 9% of the buyers are not satisfied with this product though.

Price: 299

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11. Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Convertible Car Seat:

Graco Tranzition Green Car seat

Key Features:

  • 3 in 1 harness
  • 5 position adjustable headrest
  • Crash tested
  • Meet US Standards FMVSS 213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard)
  • Dual cup holders
  • Easy to clean
  • 97% per happy customers
  • Reasonable Price
Why we admire it:

The seat is made to serve you for quite a long time, it offers a three-in-one booster that ensures the safety of your child from an early age till youth. Its three positions include a harness booster that can hold the weight between 22-65 pounds, a highback booster covers 30 to 100 pounds whereas the backless booster can carry 40 to 100 pounds.

The adjustable harness allow you to simultaneously set the harness and headrest at the right height. You can set the headrest to 9 available heights. Furthermore, its open-loop belt makes it extremely easy to install or even move from one car to another in a matter of few seconds. The seat pad, body cover and harness are comfortable for both the child and parents, a child can have a comfortable experience while using it, whereas its machine washable feature makes your job easy.

One of the core areas that every parent want a car seat to provide is the best safety features, thankfully this car seat clears all the required safety tests and meet the US standard FM VSS  213.

In addition, you will get two built-in cupholders allowing you to keep the necessary fluids close to the baby, you can clean the parts with mild soap and cold water.

Parents’ Feedback:

The feedback is astonishing, the parents absolutely love this great product. it has more than 17000 sales on amazon with 97% happy customers, isn’t it fantastic? in our opinion this is one of the most popular car seats around. However, there are few parents, who have found it a bit trickier to install.

Price: $99.99

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Our Favorites:

Well, this is like asking what kind of music you like. The answer is always “it depends on mood” rite? Similarly choosing the right car seat may vary from person to person. Also, something that I choose might not be an ideal product for you.

However, we have chosen below top 03 products on the basis of the features and customer ratings:

(Reasonable price, backless booster option, long-lasting and out of 2000 customers 94% positive reviews)

Buy Now


91% positive review out of 700 feedback, Safety features

Buy Now


(New arrival, awesome features, safety, Price is $399 but offer available at $249 only)

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To sum up the topic, it is highly recommended to review your budget, the car you have and the features a car seat offers allowing you to utilize the product to its full potential and most importantly provide maximum comfort and safety to your child.





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