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Best Pack N Play Sheets for 2023 | Play yard sheet

Best Pack n Play Sheets of 2023

Pack n plays have become a kind of family member to all families having infants or toddlers moving around the house.  It is considered as the first small room for a baby where he/she can play and enjoy a comfortable sleep. Similarly pack n play sheets are also in the market to play their role in providing a colourful, soft and cosy experience, therefore, selecting a best pack n play sheet that suits the baby’s needs, has become an important task for the parents.


In this article you will find:

  • Basic information about pack n play sheets
  • Best sheets review
  • Video Guide
  • Conclusion – Our favourite sheets


What is a play yard sheet?

When it comes to pack and play sheets, the aim is not just to provide a protective layer to the mattress but also to make it easy to clean and provide a more comfortable experience for the young user. It also gives a sense of uniqueness by using a different variety of designs and patterns, some of which are colourful whereas others are on a sober side with a combination of white and grey.

It is really important to choose the best pack n play sheet for your baby depending on the budget you have. The price range starts from 5 dollars and can go up to 20-25 dollars in mostly.

It is important to know some key factors before making a selection:


Most of the sheets come with either 4 or 2 elastic corners which makes it easier to install on the mattress but this aspect is not available on all cases, therefore, make sure to check this characteristic before making your purchase.

There are some manufacturers offering waterproof sheets which are definitely an added protection feature and also provide a great soft and smooth experience for the baby.


It is another important factor, extra thin sheets tend to fall apart after a few washing sessions only, we have noticed some complaints of extra thin sheets unable to survive their first washing cycle.


During our research, one common complaint we have witnessed is about the size, some found their pack n play sheets bigger than the mat and for some, it’s short to fit in.

As mentioned above, most of the sheets are designed to fit in the standard size mat however it is highly recommended to accurately check the measurement of your mattress/pads to avoid any inconvenience as we always want to have a per fit.

After detailed research, we have shortlisted some great pack n play sheets. You will find various great insights and at the end of the article we have shared our favourites with reasons, therefore, I’m confident that this article will help you to choose the best one as per your need.


1. Brolex Stretchy Fitted Pack n Play Sheet:


2 mattresses white and pink color

This pack n play sheet is specifically designed to fit most of the standard size pack n play mattresses and mats. Its four side elastic corners allow it to fit the mattress easily with the assurance to remain intact for the whole night, it is easy to clean, easy to remove and machine washable when required.

The sheet is made up of a skin-friendly microfiber and free from harmful chemicals. The best thing about this pack n play sheet is its incredible softness that provides extra comfort to the baby and allows having the best sleep.

Customers’ Reviews:

The best way to identify the worth of any product is to analyze what existing customers have to say about it. For this sheet, it seems quite popular on Amazon has 97% positive feedback out of 850 reviews so far.

If you don’t like the sheet you can simply return it and get a refund. The money-back-guarantee shows the confidence of the manufacturer on its product.

Price: $13.99

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2. American Baby Company 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet:


A white pack n play sheet on a mattress

The American baby company’s pack n play sheet is made from 100% cotton value jersey. These jersey knits are quite popular throughout the USA because of the comfort and extra softness they provide.

The sheet is available in so many colour and design options that some time it becomes a challenge to choose one out of 15 plus options. Most of the designs are focused on dark shades and few plain patterns.

You have the choice to buy in a pack of 1 to pack of 3; its all side elastic corners ensure the sheet to fix on the mattress firmly.

Customers’ Reviews:

The product got 1500 plus reviews so far with 89% on the positive side and 6% on the negative side. Some people have found it extra thin and also losing quality with every wash however that’s the feedback of minority, the majority is happy with their decision to go with this pack n play sheet.

This sheet can fit the size of 5-6 inch thick mattresses

  • Measurement: 52 x 28 x 5 inches
  • Price: Starting from $8.99
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The below options are suitable for mattresses up to a 3-inch thickness


2 Mattresses with white and golden sheets on it


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3. COSMOPLUS Stretch Fitted Pack n Play Sheets:


A baby pack n play with mattress inside

I absolutely love this is mattress sheet not only because of the features it offers which we will be discussing in a while, but because of the confidence the manufacturers have on their creation, they are offering 90 days money-back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied due to whatsoever reason you can simply return and get the money back. How amazing is that!

The mattress is made up of breathable microfiber jersey knit which is soft, cosy and designed to bring comfort for the young user.

It is extremely easy to install with 2 elastic corners and stay with mattresses for a longer period of time. The pack n play mattress is available in the packs of 2 with one dark and one light shade.

Customers’ Reviews:

Now, let’s look at what its customers say about it. The feedback here is also amazing, 98% out of around 150 reviews are positive so far and only one person was not happy because of the packaging issues. The performance speaks itself for this pack n play sheet

  • Measurement: 8.5 x 5.1 x 1.8 inches
  • Price: $13.99
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Check out the below option with similar features and price:


2 mattresses with white and blue sheets on it

  • Measurement 38 x 24 x 5 inches
  • Price: 13.99
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We have found another pack n play sheet with the same features and offers. The slight difference is in colour, size, and price. These are available in solid colours. The price is only $9.99. The customer reviews are also quite similar to the 96% satisfaction level.


2 solid color pack n play sheets on 2 mattresses

  • Measurement: 8 x 7 x 1.6 inches
  • Price: $9.99
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4. 2 Pack 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Pack n Play Sheets:


2 mattresses and 1 pack of sheets

This is another pack n play sheet that comes in a pack of 2. The sheet is made up of Eco-friendly organic cotton and does not contain any toxic element which means parents can have peace of mind.

The sheet meets the Global Organic Trade Standards (GOTS). Available in 2 light-coloured patterns and fits the mattresses of 3 to 5 inches easily, thanks to its elasticity feature. It is also slightly thicker than some of its competitors in the market.

The product seems to be in the process of gaining the popularity of its customers with 100% satisfaction achievement so far. The price is on the higher side because of organic cotton usage.

Customers’ Reviews:

The reviews so far are only 50 however the satisfaction level is at 100% which increases its chance to become the best pack n play sheet in the near future.

  • Measurement: 38 x 24 x 7 inches
  • Price: $22.77
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5. 3 Pack 100% Jersey Knit Cotton Sheets:


3 mattresses with mixed color sheets

This one comes in a pack of 3, made up of 100% jersey-knit cotton. The cotton used is of premium quality, it is helpful for babies with sensitive skin and its extra softness provides the maximum comfort level to the baby.

Its extra elasticity feature allows it to fit in most of the play yard and crib mattresses up to a thickness of 3 and 5 inches. The patterns are designed for both girls and boys.

The play yard sheet comes with 30 days money-back guarantee if the unit has any defect in it.

Customers’ Reviews:

This pack n play sheet seems to be a new arrival and has got a limited number of reviews however so far it has reached the 100% customer satisfaction mark which shows that that product is heading towards the direction to become the best pack n play sheet.

The price is on the higher side but it will not break your bank account and more importantly, you will get the return of the investment in the face of a top-quality product

  • Measurement: 24″ x 38″x 5 Inches
  • Price: $26.99
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6. Cuddly Cubs Pack n Play Sheets:


2 mattresses with light shade cover sheet

The ‘Cuddly cubs’ sheet is another product giving tough competition to its competitors. It is made up of 100% jersey-knit cotton making it breathable, cosy and extra soft.

It contains elastic band all around allowing it to stay attached for the whole night, gets fit in most of the standard size mats and mattresses. Another exciting feature of this sheet is that it gets softer with every wash making more comfortable to use as time goes by.

Available in 2 light shades which is mainly a combination of white and grey colour. The price is of this product is also on the higher side but you get the value of your money.

Customers’ Reviews:

Customer satisfaction is 94% in 100 plus reviews so far which is really amazing.

  • Measurement: 27″ x 39″ and 24″ x 38″
  • Price: 21.99
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More variety:


2 mattresses with light color sheet cover

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2 mattresses with pink sheet cover on it


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7. Waterproof Portable Pack n Play Sheet:


2 mattresses with cartoon animal pattern sheets on

This jersey-knit combed cotton made mattress is waterproof and prevents leakages which makes it unique in the competition, the rest of the features seems similar to other good quality sheets like elastic corners and fits 3 to 5-inch mattresses easily.

I’m sure you will love the animal-themed bright colour pattern which will definitely play its part to make the baby’s room colourful.

Customers’ Reviews:

The customer satisfaction level is around 89% which is good but slightly lesser than some other pack n play sheets.

  • Measurement: 38 X 24 X 3” to 5 Inches
  • Price: $20.99
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Also comes with slightly less colourful patterns, the good thing about this variety is the lesser price with similar features


2 pack n play mattresses with images on

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8. Fitted Playard Floral Pack n Play Sheet:


two floral pack n play mattress sheets

This play yard sheet comes in a pack of 2 and offers most of the popular common feathers like any other product with a good reputation in the market.

Few of them are super soft material, perfect for standard size pack n play mattresses and free from any toxic elements. It also has OKEO-Tex certification.

The patterns of the sheets are floral and remind you of the traditional popular bed sheet designs which we are seeing since our childhood but still are in demand.

Customers’ Reviews:

The customer ratings are not outstanding but still quite good with 85% positive feedback; however, 11% are not satisfied.

  • Measurement: 27 x 39 x 3 inches
  • Price: $15.99
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9. TL Care 100% Cotton Pack n Play Sheet:


A Mattress with pink Pack n play sheet

The TL care pack n play sheets are available at quite an affordable price, it is 100% cotton jersey combination, elastic all around and fits perfectly to the mattress of 3-inch thickness.

The colour variety is quite huge providing so many options to choose from.

Customers’ Reviews:

Customers seem quite satisfied with 85% positive feedback out of around 500 reviews.

  • Measures 24 X 38 X 3 Inches
  • Price: Starting from $6.55
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There is another variety offered by TL Care which is slightly bigger in size and can cover thickness up to 4 inches. The available colours are the same as above.

  • 27-inch x 39-inch x 4 inches
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10. Little One’s Pack n Play Cover Sheet:


A white pack n play sheet on mattress

The little one’s pack n play sheet/cover is designed to fit standard size pack n play and crib mattresses as well.

This product is made with waterproof lining, strong threads and top quality fibres which makes it one of the strongest players around. Unlike some other pack n play sheets, this one maintains its strong, firm and soft characteristics even after hundreds of washes.

The cover is easy to clean, provide the required comfort to the baby with its balanced padding.

Here comes my favourite part about any sheet, the lifetime guarantee! If you are not satisfied at any time, you can either replace it or simply get your money back.

The product is made with eco-friendly and free from flame-retardant materials.

Customers’ Reviews:

As expected the customer reviews are on the higher side and reach up to 2000, out of which 92% are on the positive side which is a great achievement based on the number of reviews. 5% are unhappy and mostly because of size and fitting issues. It is recommended to check the measurement before placing your order.

  • Measurement: 25.5″ X 37.5″ (2, 3 and 5 inch thickness)
  • Measurement: 24″ X 38″ (3-inch thickness)
  • Price: $22.99
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A video guide to install pack n play sheets


Our Favorite:

The more expensive product you buy the better quality you get. Well, it’s not always true. With proper research, you can find the best pack n play sheets at a reasonable price. We have selected 3 best options on the basis of the features offered, price and also the customer ratings, which is always the best way to judge any product’s performance. Having to share our views it is also recommended to choose the one that matches best with your requirements.

TL Care 100% Natural Cotton Jersey Knit Pack n Play Sheet:

Affordable price, 85% positive feedback in 500 reviews

View on Amazon


Little One’s Pad Pack N Play Sheet

Though the price is on the higher side but still 92% positive reviews out of 2000 makes it reach our top 3 choices

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COSMOPLUS Stretch Fitted Pack n Play Sheet:

Reasonable price, 98% positive feedbacks out of 150


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Most of the product links lead directly to The images taken are also from We may get commissions on chosen products purchased through our links from the retailer’s site; however, none of our reviews is biased by any means on the basis of our affiliation. Moreover, the price and number of customers’ reviews are given of the time this article was written, and they may change with time on Amazon.