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12 Best Baby Bathtubs for 2023 | Do you need one?

How To Choose A Baby Bathtub?


Our Picks Of Best Baby Bathtubs


1. The best baby bathtub overall

Baby Brielle 3-in-1 Portable Collapsible Bathtub

2. Best for sitting position

Munchkin Sit & Soak Baby Bathtub

3. Best affordable price

Angelcare Baby Bathtub

4. Best Comfortable Experience

Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bathtub

5. Best multiple features

Summer Comfort Height Baby Bathtub

6. Best three-in-one

Boon, Soak 3-Stage Baby Bathtub

7. Best spacious baby bathtub

PRIMO Euro Bathtub

8. Best portable baby bathtub

Baby Portable Collapsible Bathing Tub

9. Best in Popularity

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe baby bathtub

10. Best Modern Features

Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool baby bathtub

11. Best Innovation

Aquascale 3 in 1 Baby Bathtub

12. Best for small places

Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub


Do you really need a baby bathtub?

There can be many ways to avoid a baby bathtub. You have the option of taking the baby with you in an adult bathtub for bath or use the bathroom sink; however, these options might be risky. The baby bathtub gives you peace of mind through the various features they offer.

The convenience: The baby bathtub is not only convenient for the baby but also for the parents. In most of the baby bathtubs, you get the option of using it in the sink or adult bathtub or on the floor. You can choose the best option as per your need, mood, or age of the baby.

Portability: There are so many options that are lightweight, easy to carry, and foldable. The interesting fact is that in a folded position, most of the bathtubs take minimum space, allowing you to take it with you on tours, camping, travel, etc.

Comfortable Experience: The material used in most of the cases is soft and skin-friendly. The baby design of bathtubs works to fulfil the requirements and needs of the babies. The material provides a smooth and comfortable experience for the baby and its easy to wash characteristics add comfort to the lives of parents

Grow up with the baby: You can find so many baby bathtubs that grow with the baby, meaning they fulfil the needs of babies from 0-24 months. These are mostly called 3 in 1 baby bathtub as they can be modified as per the age of the baby and work best for newborns, infants, and toddlers.


How to choose a baby bathtub?

How do I choose a baby tub? This question is quite common from parents. It’s a myth that is not easy to resolve. Your best buddies suggest you the best baby bathtub, but when you bring it home, the product doesn’t meet your expectations. Does this mean that your friend gave you the wrong advice?

The answer is No, It happens quite often, and there is only one reason for it. Every person has different needs, likes and dislikes, availability of space, small room size, and the list continues. 

The best baby bathtub is the one that fulfils your needs, and it doesn’t matter if it is famous or expensive; the only requirement is that it should meet the requirements of your baby.

There are, however, certain factors you should look for to find the best baby bathtub for your baby:

  • The soft material – to provide a comfortable experience for the baby
  • No sharp edges – make sure the shape is round for the safety of the baby
  • Easy to drain and easy to clean 
  • Easy to store 
  • Grow with your baby and save your cost in the long run
  • Travel friendly, the portable and lightweight baby bathtubs add convenience in your life
  • Easy to fold, if you have limited space available in your house you should consider buying foldable, collapsible and easy to hang for convenient storage
  • Portable, this feature allows you to use it anywhere in the house 

To make your job easy, we have shortlisted the 12 best baby bathtubs; these are selected for their features, price, convenience, and also based on their performance ratings given by the existing users.


1. Baby Brielle 3-in-1 Portable Collapsible Bathtub:

Baby Brielle 3-in-1 Bathtub

This product can be the best baby bathtub for small spaces because of its compact size. The best feature I like about this bathtub is its ‘temperature-sensitive plug,’ this plug turns white when water is too hot for the baby and enhances the safety of the baby.

Other than that, its unique design keeps the water warm for a more extended period. The stable legs are easy to lock and unlock and non-skid as well; it also comes with a soap compartment, heart-shaped rinser, bath pillow, and a sling. 

The weight is light that makes it portable and easy to carry during a hotel stay. It is just four inches thin when collapsed and tucks away with ease. Anti-Slip grip padded cushion with comfortable support for baby’s head and neck.

Furthermore, the anti-slip grip padded cushion provides comfortable support for the baby’s neck and head. This BPA free product can be one of the safest products around as it clears the tests of Lead, Phthalate, Flammability, Sharp Points, and Small Parts.


  • Packed with massive features
  • Temperature sensor plug
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to collapse 
  • Travel friendly


· Price is on the higher side

This baby bathtub is in the market since 2019; the number of sales seems to be quite reasonable. most importantly the customer satisfaction level is 4.4 out of 5 with 83% customer satisfaction level.

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2. Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bathtub:

Munchkin baby bathtub Blue and white

The Munchkin baby bathtub keeps the baby in an upright position. It has an angled backrest, and a built-in bump at the sitting area keeps the baby secure from slipping hazards and also comfortable and firm.

On the backrest, there is a ‘Max’ water limit sign that allows you to fill the water at an optimum level. Just pull the tub drain to drain the water in a matter of minutes. 

There are six non-skid rubber mats installed at the bottom of the baby tub to ensure the safety of your baby. The design is quite surprising that requires no additional items to keep the baby in a firm position.

You can easily use it in the sink, shower, or separate from both. The recommended age is 0-12 months for this baby bathtub. After the baby bath, you can simply hang it on the door.

The non-skid mats at the bottom plus built-in bump surface provides a slip-free experience to the baby. 


  • Provides upright position
  • Built-in bump at the surface area for safety
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight
  • Max water limit sign
  • Non-skid bottom


· Requires lots of space in hanging position

This baby bathtub comes with lots of features at an affordable price. another factor that makes it one of the best baby bathtubs is its existing customer feedback, which enjoys a score of 4.8 out of 5.

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3. Angelcare Baby Bathtub:

Anglecare gray bathtub

This baby bath seat/bathtub consists of a soft mesh material that deals delicately with the baby’s skin. Its small drain holes make soapy water to rinse away with ease. 

Below the mesh, there are two large drainage areas available. Its design keeps the baby in a safe recline position; you can use it in a bathtub or basin sink above size range of 23” x 14”.

The design is suitable for infants up to 6 months of age; a built-in hook makes it easy to store after usage. The product is available in three colours with different prices as well.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Soft mesh material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hang
  • No assembly required


· Useful for six months only

This bathtub seems quite popular among its existing users. One of the main factors is its price with is very affordable. The satisfaction score is 4.8 out of 5 which makes it one of the best baby bathtubs in this price range.

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4. Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bathtub:

Blooming Bath Lotus - Baby sheet

This baby bath mat looks unique with its fantastic flower design. Its design supports infants from 0 to 6 months of age. If you want to try something different, this can be a perfect alternate for a traditional bathtub.

Its petal design fits the sink perfectly; keep a note that this Blooming Bath lotus product works for sinks only. The material is super soft, providing a comfortable and happy moment for the baby during the shower.

The material is a soft polyester plush, which is easy to wring out and fast to dry after the bath. Furthermore, it is machine washable. The product is safe for the baby and the environment as well.


  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Unique design that fits the sink perfectly
  • Machine washable


  • Designed for sinks only
  • Useful for six months only

The baby bath mat has received some excellent feedback from its users. The satisfaction score is 4.6 out of 5, with around 3000 feedbacks, considering the number of feedbacks, the rating is excellent.

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5. Summer Comfort Height Bathtub:

Summer Comfort Height tub

This baby bathtub provides three parts:

  1.   Baby support with pads
  2.   A bathtub
  3.   A base (useful for many purposes)

It offers several options to parents depending on the age of the child and the place where you like to give the bath. It grows with the baby and offers several options depending on the age of the baby.

The baby bath support is useful at the sink and provides a comfortable incline bath experience for infants. 

As the baby grows, you can remove the child support easily and have the child set up in the baby bathtub; however, this option is to be used only in adult size tub. 

You have the option to attach all three accessories and use them in an adult size tub. When you connect the base, you get the perfect height of this baby bathtub. 

The base of the bathtub can be used as a step stool or a sitting stool for parents while giving a bath. The manufacturer recommends it to use from 0-2 years of age; it has a weight limit of 250 pounds 


  • 3-in-1 baby bathtub
  • Grows with the baby
  • Suitable from birth to 2 years of age
  • Affordable price


  • Have some complaints of infant mode
  • Can be a bit bulky for some

The price is quite affordable, considering the features this baby bathtub offers. The overall customer feedback is entirely satisfactory, with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

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6. Boon, Soak 3-Stage Bathtub for Babies:

Boon soak Bathtub for Babies

This baby bathtub offers three different positions for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Its color changing drain plug allows you to measure the water temperature. 

The material placed for back support is non-slippery foam to ensure the substantial experience for the baby. The seat is adjustable and grows with the baby. It is made with BPA or PVC free material, suits the babies from 0-18 months of age. It can fit easily with most of the double size sinks.


  • Grows with the baby
  • Three positions for growing babies
  • Non-slippery foam for back support
  • PVC free material


· some customers find it slippery

The price range is quite affordable, and most customers are happy with their purchase. This baby bathtub has a score of 4.6, which is excellent with this price range.

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7. PRIMO Euro Bathtub Pearl White:

PRIMO Euro Baby tub

This baby bathtub might be one of the oldest products in its competition but still doing quite a decent job. You can use it from both sides; one side has a recline position which is suitable for babies from 0-6 months whereas the other side suits 7-24 month babies in sitting position.

It is still one of the longest baby bathtubs. It is made with toxic-free plastic and designed to last for a more extended period. The baby bathtub also offers two compartments where you can keep baby toys, shampoo, or sponge.

Its anatomical shape provides extra safety with its slip-free mechanism. You can drain the water quickly by removing the drain stopper. We strongly suggest to use it either on the floor on in the adult bathtub. The product is available in three different colors.


  • Suits for infant and toddlers both
  • One of the biggest baby bathtubs


  • Might be too big for some
  • Not a travel friendly

Considering the product in the market for long and there are lots of new products available, yet it has managed the satisfaction score of 4.6, which is outstanding. 

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8. Baby Portable Collapsible Bathing Tub:

Portable Collapsible Bathing Tub

This product is one of the best baby bathtubs in the market from safety points of view. It is made from safe material that is friendly for your baby’s skin. Its legs provide non-slip support allowing you to use it easily on any flat surface.

The baby bathtub is foldable and portable as well when in folded position it requires minimum space making it travel friendly. The legs are firm and hold their place, however, if you want to move it, simply press the safety button buckles available on each leg, and here is your folded baby bathtub. In the folded position, it requires almost no space enabling you to store anywhere you like.

After the bath, simply remove the plug for quick water drainage, the rubber and plastic material makes it easy to clean in a matter for minutes. 

It is suitable for ages from 0 to 6 years and can you can use it in most single and double sinks


  • Made with skin-friendly material
  • Foldable and portable
  • Requires minimum space to store
  • Spacious


· Price is on the slightly higher side

This baby bathtub seems to be new in the market, and in the process of making its name, so far, the start is not bad, and it is standing at a satisfaction score of 4.6.

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9. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Baby Bathtub:

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe tub

This product can be considered the best baby bathtub; if not, at least it is one of the best-selling bathtubs for sure. It has more than 5000 customer reviews on, reflecting its popularity.

The bathtub offers three stages of features for different ages. 

At the first stage, the mesh sling with padded headrest will keep the newborn in a comfortable position; you can place the tub in the sink easily.

The second stage focuses on toddlers with recline positions offering padded back support, whereas, in the third stage, you get an upright back with anti-bump support. This feature is best when your baby can sit comfortably on his/her own.

All pads in the bathtub are mildew resistant; the drainage plug allows draining the water quickly.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for newborns, infants, and toddlers
  • Popular bathtub


· Some complaints of a missing sling in the package

This bathtub is in the market for quite some time now, but it’s one of the most sold items on amazon. It’s terrific to see it standing at a score of 4.6, even with such a massive number of feedbacks. This is a clear indication that this bathtub is still attracting customers.

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10. Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa & Shower:

Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Baby bathtub

This baby bathtub is one of the best baby bathtubs in offering some unique features to the young user. The first fantastic characteristic is the motorized water jet that creates vibration and bubbles, giving a spa effect.

The other ultimate facility is the built-in shower the produces a gentle flow of water for your baby. The bathtub grows with the baby; it offers a cradling sling with plush bolster headrest for a newborn. It also has an infant and toddler mode.

Its double insulated walls keep the water temperature warm for a more extended period assuring a warm and comfortable bath session for your baby.


  • Grows up with the baby
  • Motorized vibration with spa effect
  • Built-in shower
  • Insulated double walls for keeping the water warm


· Price is high

The features this bathtub offers are impressive; however, its quite strange to see that the feedback of customers is good but not remarkable. The satisfaction score is 4.3, which is a bit lower than some of its competitors.

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11. Aquascale 3 in 1 Baby Bathtub:

Aquascale 3 in 1 Baby tub

The Aquascale baby bathtub, a 3 in 1 product, offers some great and innovative features; the first noticeable feature is its display screen that provides some useful information. 

This baby bathtub works as a digital scale, just place the bathtub on a flat service or its stand, fill the tub with the desired amount of water, press the green button on the right briefly for calibration. It takes around 2 seconds for calibration, put your baby in the tub, and the LCD will show the exact weight of the baby. It works with and without water as well.

The other impressive function is its digital water thermometer that helps you ensure the right water temperature before putting your baby in the tub. The bathtub will continue monitoring the temperature for a better experience.

You have the option to choose the weight in kilograms or pounds, the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit  

For the primary purpose of a baby bathtub, it offers a two-position baby bath. Its central agronomical structure can hold the baby up to six months, the bump provides safety for baby and prevents from slipping into the water. Once your baby can sit for himself simply remove the support and place your baby on the opposite side of the bathtub and let him enjoy a full bath of water


  • Most innovative features
  • Works as a weight scale
  • Temperature monitoring feature
  • Suitable from 0 – 24-month babies


· High price

This product might be one of the best baby bathtubs in innovation; however, the satisfaction score is 3.9, which is quite low. On the positive side, around 65% of customers are happy with their decision to buy this baby bathtub.

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12. Puj Tub – The Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub:

Puj-tub Baby bathsheet

This bathtub might be one of the smallest baby bathtubs around; the material is consists of soft, closed-cell foam, it folds and fits most of the sink sizes, its design helps the baby cradle and provide safety.  

After the baby bath, the bathtub is easy to clean with soap and water, and it is mildew resistant as well. It stays flat when not in use but holds its shape once the baby is enjoying the bath.

The two small holes on both sides ensure the drainage and avoid overflow. Its flat shape makes it easy to hang on the wall for storage; It is made from BPA and PVC free materials.


  • Small handy size
  • Folds for baby bath.
  • Easy to store
  • PVC free material


  • Usable in sinks only
  • Useful for six months only

The idea of this baby bathtub is excellent; it provides a comfortable experience for the baby and ease of operations for the parents. The satisfaction score at amazon is 3.9 which good but not outstanding. Still, 70% of buyers found it an extraordinary and worth value of money.

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There are many options available for parents to choose from, however which one is better depends on your requirement so choose wisely considering your budget, space availability and requirement of the baby so that your young one can enjoy the best bath experience.



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