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22 Best Unicorn Toys of 2023 For Kids

Unicorn Toys Are Getting Popular Day By Day

Unicorn Toys

Why is Unicorn So Popular?

Before we talk about the best unicorn toys let’s briefly review if there is any such thing as unicorn animal exists and why unicorns are so popular?

The magic of unicorn fascinates inspires everyone whether children or even their parents.  Some people think unicorns are real but they shy away from humans, the research shows that thousands of years ago there was the existence of single horn creatures.

Whether it was real or just a story like Superman or Spiderman the unicorns are popular and being kept in the houses in the form of toys, storybooks and puzzles.

The magic and the experience of the beautiful majestic world the unicorn toys offer is something that admires so many of us. Considering the demand of these toys, we have worked out a collection of the best unicorn toys that will provide you with a guideline to choose the best one for your kids.


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In this article you will find:

  • Review of 22 best Unicorn toys
  • Pros & Cons
  • Price
  • Link to reliable purchase
  • Conclusion


What are the best Unicorn Toys for 2023


1. Barbie Unicorn toy Pet Doctor:


Young girl with her stuff toy


This unicorn pet doctor set comes with a unicorn toy whose horns can light up giving your kid a delightful experience. The whole idea of the toy is to take care of the unicorn with the 7 pieces medical kit. The kit includes a stethoscope, a bottle, a syringe and a colourful ice cream that the unicorn patient can enjoy. It comes with a bag which helps in keeping the accessories organized and easy to take along on the trips as well.

This unicorn toy is an amazing idea that allows your child to interact with the unicorn and take care of it with responsibility. Observing all this doctor-patient exercise will give an even more cute and memorable experience for the parents.


  • Horn Lights up
  • Features rainbow hair and glittery eyes
  • 95% happy customers


  • We didn’t find any

Price: $23.99

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2.Twinkle The Magical Unicorn Toy:


Looking for something that can interact with your kid? This ‘Twinkle the magic unicorn toy’ can be a great choice in the unicorn toys category. It can walk, move her head, flap wings, eat the golden carrots and much more.

Inside the box, you will find a fairy Prisma character that can be used separately and with the unicorn as well. This character can sit on the back of the unicorn and perform more interactive fun activities. Twinkle’s light-up horn changes colour as well.

The toy works with batteries and suitable for age from 18 months to 5 years.


  • Affordable price
  • Interactive toy
  • Changing colour horns


  • Some parents found it extra noisy

Price: $29.99

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3. USA Toyz Unicorn Kids Play Tents:


Unicorn Tent For Kids

This small unicorn tent provides a perfect personal area for kids and gives them a feeling of having their own space where they can play, read, make puzzles and even sleep.  It’s not actually a unicorn toy with which kids can play however it provides a playing space with a unicorn theme.

The unicorn tent comes in a multi-colour theme which suits both boys and girls, it is easy to assemble and require no tools. It is made with water-resistant polyester fabric which is super easy to clean with a damp cloth, mild soap and water.

This product is recommended for kids age three and above, it offers mesh windows for a safe breathing environment and also allows parents to watch their kids easily.


  • Unisex colour
  • Can be used as a toy space to make the house look clean
  • Mesh windows for easy breathing
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Affordable price


  • Few parents were not impressed with its finishing

Price: $24.95

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4. Unicorn Star Projector:


Small Image Projector for kids

This Unicorn image projector can be a perfect gift for occasions like Birthday and Christmas. It can project up to 15 feet and up to 250 square feet that make the images clear and brightly visible.  The best thing is its brightness which is not dazzling and designed to ensure kids having a pleasant sleeping experience.

The projector offers two modes; Starry sky projection and night light mode allowing kids to enjoy a variety at their bedtime.

In order for its customers to enjoy an uninterrupted experience, this unicorn projector comes with a USB Cable that can be plugin in a wall charger and if for some reason the electricity is not available, you can still power it on with the batteries. It is however to be noted that USB cable operation and batteries cannot work at the same time.


  • Offers two lighting modes
  • Affordable price
  • Works with both USB Cable and batteries


  • Some customers share their concern regarding unclear and blurry images

Price: $ 22.99

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5. The Magical Unicorn Toy for Girls:


White stuff toy with its box

Mia the magical unicorn toy has the ability to become the favourite toy for your kid. The walking, dancing moves, rainbow light, rainbow mane, tail and real music of this amazing unicorn toy makes it a complete fun package.

Its 12-inch height makes it easy to play with, The embroidered three stars make it look even more colourful. This unicorn toy is suitable for 2 years and above.


  • Complete Entertainment Package
  • The right height of 12 inches


  • Colour scheme inclined towards girls only

Have a look at this home video made by a customer that gives you are clear idea about this amazing unicorn toy

Price: $ 29.99/-

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6. Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper:


Foam Jumper

The Foam Unicorn Jumper is one of the best unicorn toys for several reasons. It can bear weight up to 250 pounds which means even parents can enjoy playing with it. It helps improving motor skills, balance and hand to eye coordination and furthermore encourages a healthy lifestyle.

The foam is soft and makes an interesting squeaked sound while you jump, the bungee cord allows you to set the height as per your requirement, you can use it both in-house and outside as foam is sturdy enough to be used outdoors.

The unicorn pogo jumper is suitable for age three and above, the foam life can last around one year.


  • Low-cost product
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Can be used in-house and out-doors


  • Limited lifetime

Price: $19.99

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7. Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy:

Robo Unicorn Toy

This unicorn toy is controlled with a remote and offers dancing, sitting and moving around.  Furthermore, there is a gesture mode that allows user to operate it simply with hand gestures whereas adventurous mode allows you to watch the unicorn toy navigate around the room on its own.

You can treat your pet toy with several program treats that creates series of moves with every treat. The box includes the unicorn toy, remote control (that require batteries), USB Charging cable and a toy comb.

Your kid can enjoy 40 minutes of non-stop entertainment with 1.5 hours of charging.


  • A popular product on Amazon
  • Reasonable price
  • Hand gesture option


  • Some customers found it a bit complicated to use.

Price: $36.95

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8.   Schylling Unicorn Tin Tea Set:


2 kids with Tea set toy

This Unicorn tea set can be a perfect gift for girls. The 15 piece tea set with rainbow and unicorn theme looks beautiful and eye-catching. It comes with 4 cups and saucers, 4 plates, a teapot that has a removable lid, and a classic tray that can carry everything.

Have a look at the below video to know more about this amazing member of the best unicorn toys:

Price: $17.97

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9. Princess Unicorn Imaginative Toy for Kids:


Princes on horse Toy

This two-piece fun fairy unicorn item is designed to give an imaginative playing experience that can last for hours and feel like few minutes only. The riding figure is beautiful and has movable arms.  Unlike other toys with a similar concept, this unicorn toy has a magnet installed that keep the figure in place while riding the unicorn and make the playing experience even more amazing.

The toy meets all safety standards and suitable for kids ages 5 to 12.


  • Great quality product
  • Magnet holds the fairy quite well
  • 95% satisfied customers


  • Size is a bit smaller than expected by few customers


Price: $24.99

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10. Playmobil Fairies with Toadstool:


Playmobil Toy Box

This PLAYMOBIL fairies unicorn playset offers a complete package. It includes one adult unicorn and two unicorn foals. It also has one adult and two child fairies. Other than that it also includes potion bottles, a duck pond, a golden chest, and grooming tools.

Allow your kid to have a magical time inside the fairy world. Even parents can take part and enjoy a unique fairy tale experience. The product is recommended for kids ages 4-15.


  • Great fun package
  • 91% happy customers
  • Offers quality and fun together


  • Tiny pieces that can be lost easily if not handled with extra care
  • Putting up together can be a challenge

Price: $24.99

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11. Unicorn Fairy Land 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle:


Vibrant Color Puzzle Box

If you want to polish the logical side of your child’s brain and improve the thought process, you might find this Unicorn Fairy Land Jigsaw Puzzle quite interesting. This puzzle can keep your child busy and gave you some time to relax or take care of any other pending task.

You can also give some exercise to your own brain when you help your child to put on the pieces together. This will allow you to spend a great quality time with your child.

This amazing vibrant-coloured 500 piece puzzle is made in the USA with the top quality blue board. The pieces are made with strong material to avoid breakage of the pieces.

The finished puzzle size is  19.25″ x 26.5″. It is best suitable for kids above 6 years of age.


  • Good brain exercise of your child
  • Bright and vibrant colours


  • Few complains of 2 or 3 missing pieces

Price: $19.99

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12. CRAYOLA 12″ Color ’N Plush Unicorn Toy:


Young Girl with a unicorn toy

It is a known fact that kids love to draw, it can be anywhere including the walls of your house. If you want to polish the hidden artistic skills of your child, you might be interested in this unicorn stuffed animal toy by Crayola.

This best unicorn toy package includes four special markers for colouring and can be washed in a machine easily. Kids can doodle colour, wash and colour again for an endless fun activity. It is recommended for kids 3 year and above.


  • Good for improving artistic skills
  • Reusable after a machine wash
  • 96% happy customers


  • We didn’t find any

Price: $19.99

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13. Unicorn Coloring Book For Kids:


Unicorn Color book title page

Are you looking for something that is fun but also helps in developing the motor skills of your child? If yes, then this cute unicorn colouring book is worth consideration.

The book contains several pictures of castles and unicorns which your child would love to colour and make even more beautiful and vibrant.

The book is available in both paperback and spiral binding however the latter one costs more.


  • Economical price
  • Helpful in developing motor skills
  • 95% happy customers


  • Images are repeated after page 25

Price: $4.99

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14. Hatching Rainbow Unicorn Toy Egg:


2 toy eggs

This is an amazing concept that will definitely catch the attention of your child, the fun toy is suitable for ages three and up. Just put the eggs in water, it hatches between 12 to 24 hours. Furthermore, after hatching the toy came out of the egg continues to grow for another 48 hours.

The kids love to keep it in water and check the progress from time to time with curiosity and interest.

The outside layer of the egg is filled with vibrant rainbow colour, the feel of the egg is just like a normal hen’s egg however it is quite large in size. One of the three unicorns can be found inside the egg that includes pink, a yellow or a blue one. Keep the unicorn toy inside the water to keep it grow, once removed from the water it will shrink back.

There is one thing to keep in mind that the unicorn toy found inside the egg is designed to keep it look like a newborn and for this reason the toy is not a detailed one.


  • The curiosity of the hatching process keeps the interest alive
  • The figure keeps on growing even after hatching if kept in the water
  • The toy shrinks back when removed from the water
  • Vibrant Rainbow colour


  • Can be used only once
  • The toy is a little bob-like
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15. Dancing Sparke Unicorn Toy Pet:


Pinkish Purple Toy Horse inside the box

This dancing unicorn toy provides a fun time to its young user with its interactive features including light up, dancing on self-music and making sounds. The Sparkle comes in a pink and purple colour theme with long hair above her neck.  The box includes a hairbrush which you can use to comb her neck hair and tail. Furthermore, the horn has a light that changes its colours.

On her neck there is a heart image, when you move your finger on it, the sparkle will nuzzle giving you a signal that she likes it. You can also stroke her back and she will show several other tricks.

You can feed her with a cupcake that comes in the box, just bring the cupcake near her mouth and put your finger under her chin, and watch her enjoying the cupcake.

Another variant of this unicorn product is also available with the name of Butterbow, which is almost the same thing in White colour.


  • Interactive fun-filled toy
  • Comes with a brush for hair and tail
  • Colour changing horn
  • Censors that make her do several moves.


  • Batteries are not included in the package

Price: $14.99

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16. Little Jupiter Rainbow Unicorn Plush Pet Set:


A girl having Unicorn Plush Toy inside Purse

This unique unicorn toy comes with an eye-catchy sequined purse, Sparky key chain, and plush unicorn toy. The purse can carry the unicorn and make it look like your favourite pet. It is suitable for kids ages four and above.

One of the most liked features of the purse is its reversible sequins which flip from purple to silver, furthermore, you can customize it with various patterns by simply touching it. You also get a miniature plush unicorn keychain that also has reversible sequins.

The stuffed unicorn toy with its friendly looks can go along with your child for years. It is white and has a rainbow-coloured mane and a beautiful tail. The horn and flying wings add further value to the unicorn. You have the option to choose from white and pink colour, other than that, an Elephant model is also available.

The best thing feature is of this unicorn toy is its safety. It is made of soft polyester materials and verified by US third party laboratories.

Talking about the best features, here is another best thing about the manufacturer; if you are not happy with the product you can get a free return or your money back. Such offers are made by those manufacturers who are confident about the quality of their products.


  • Reversible Sequins on Keychain and bag
  • The purse can be used as a pet carrier or any other normal purse
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Tested for safety


  • Some kids might pick at sequins

Price: $19.99

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17. Labebe – Baby Rocking Unicorn Horse:


A girl on a riding toy horse

This is one of the best unicorn toys that allow your child to have a fun-filled ride on it. It offers all the necessary features including a seat buckle that ensures a safe riding experience for the kid. This unicorn horse is recommended for the ages from 01 to 03.

The structure is made from medium density fibre and wood which makes it sturdy and easy to carry around. The fabric is resistant to stains and easy to clean with baking soda and water.

This unicorn toy has won the award from Melbourne and Nuremberg toy exhibition for its amazing design. Even at the first glance, you can feel its quality and sturdy design.


  • Three-point harness and seat to ensure safety
  • Made from soft cotton materials
  • Stain-resistant fabric
  • Top-quality product
  • Sturdy and lightweight material
  • 95% happy customers


  • Assembly might be a challenge for few.

Price: $126.99

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18. The Magical Unicorn Magnetic Puzzles:

Unicorn Puzzle Image

The 20 piece jigsaw puzzle comes in 2 variants with one light and the other in dark theme. Its measurement is 6.5” x 6.5” in completed form. The magnet allows to make the job easy for kids and keep the image sturdy. It also includes an extra magnetic surface for puzzle piece storage.

The product meets safety standards and parents can have peace of mind while their child is busy playing with this magnetic unicorn puzzle. It is suitable for ages 4 to 7.


  • Magnetic Surface Puzzle
  • Meets safety standards
  • 96% happy customers


  • We didn’t find any

Price: $12.99

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19. LED Unicorn Silicone Night Light for Kids:


A kid with lightened unicorn toy

This soft silicone night light provides a calm and soothing experience with its gentle glowing light to kids of all ages. Your kid can enjoy the soothing experience and also use it as a cuddly friend.

The best thing about this unicorn toy is its safety feature, the night light is made from top quality soft silicone that stays cool. The unicorn offers 9 different glowing colours which are changeable with a simple touch or with a remote, it will also help the child in improving colour identification skills.

The product runs with batteries allowing it to carry to other rooms easily, the battery can be charged with a micro USB outlet. You get a 12 hour of non-stop lighting experience with a single charge. You also have the option to use it uninterrupted while it is plugged in.

Choose brightness setting and 15, 30, or 60-minute sleep timer using the remote.


  • Soft eye-friendly lights
  • 9 Light colour options
  • USB chargeable battery
  • The remote control makes it easy to operate
  • 12 hour working on one single charge
  • 94% happy customers


  • The charging cord is a bit small

Price: $21.99

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20. Unicorn Play Tent:

Unicorn themed Tent for Kids

This unicorn play tent can be one of the best unicorn toys available around. The tent offers a lot more than just a toy. It has printed images of unicorns around it and a pitched top.

The tent comes with beautiful unicorn images printed; furthermore, it offers a door flap that can be rolled up and down easily. The unicorn designs are viewable from both inside and outside.

It is made from a waterproof polyester fabric which is easy to clean as well. It has two mesh windows that ensure the proper ventilation for the kids. Another best feature is its nontoxic material which is quality-certified. This allows parents to feel relax knowing their kids are in safe hands. This unicorn toy is suitable for kids age 3 and above.

Price: $24.99

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21. Color Changing Unicorn & Princess Doll:

Unicorn horse with Princess

If you want your girl to enjoy a unique and playful experience, you should consider this amazing colour changing unicorn toy.

This 2 pieces cool unicorn set has a unique ability to change its colour from white to pink under sunshine. The princess wears a decent attractive purple theme dress that matches the colour scheme of the unicorn.

You have the option to convert the unicorn into a horse by removing the wings easily. Above all, it meets all safety standards so you can feel relaxed while your girl enjoys the full of fun playtime.


  • Colour Changing toy
  • Great gift idea
  • Meet safety standards
  • Free replacement option if you are not satisfied


  • Few complaints of quality by the customers

Price: $21.99

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22. Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Horn Headband:


Unicorn Skirt and hair band for girls

We have kept this special product on the list of best unicorn toys for a reason. If your kid loves unicorn and has been playing with different unicorn toys, its time to make herself a unicorn. This amazing rainbow coloured tutu skirt with a horn headband will make her look even more beautiful.

Tutu is made with colourful high-quality tulle. The headband can fit girls above 2 years of age whereas its elastic waist makes it easy to fit for different ages.

The manufacturer gives some useful tips before you place your order so that you can get a perfect size for your girl:

*Please allow a bit of measurement difference.(0.5″)

*If your girl slightly fat or thinnish, then the same age group, do a plus or minus one size

* Use hand wash and air dry

Size details:

☆Size M,2-4 Years old (Wasit 9.3″-16.4″, Length 9.7″)

Size L,4-8 Years old(Wasit 10″-19.2″, Length 11.2″)


  • A flexible waist that can fit different ages
  • 94% happy customers
  • Available in 7 different colours


  • Some complaints of a size issue, therefore it is strongly recommended to take correct measurements before placing your order

Price: $12.99 – $13.98

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The Unicorns have become part of our families in one shape or another, The kids really love to have a pet unicorn, which is not an easy task to choose from the available options but these toys, storybooks and other unicorn stuff are there to be with your kids and provide them the best time. We are confident that these best unicorn toys will help you out as well.





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