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Waterproof Pack n Play Mattress | Should I Buy?


Is Waterproof Pack n Play Mattress Necessary:


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Parents always aim to provide their babies with a secure and comfortable sleeping environment. Pack n play is a popular and convenient option for parents who travel frequently or have limited space in their homes. However, one important consideration when it comes to pack n play mattresses is whether they are waterproof or not. In this article, we will discuss the importance of waterproof mattresses and covers for pack n play mattresses, and why they are a necessary investment for your child’s safety and hygiene.


Is pack and play mattress waterproof?

Pack n play mattresses can vary in their waterproof properties depending on the brand and model. Some mattresses may come with a waterproof cover or a waterproof layer built into the mattress, while others may not. It’s important to check the specifications or product description of the particular pack n play mattress you’re considering to determine if it is waterproof.

However, even if the pack n play mattress you have is waterproof, it’s still recommended to use a waterproof cover to provide an extra layer of protection for your child’s safety and hygiene.


Should you get a waterproof crib mattress?

Yes, it’s highly recommended to get a waterproof pack n play or crib mattress, especially if your baby may have accidents or spills during the night. A waterproof crib mattress can help to protect the mattress from stains, odors, and bacteria that can develop from moisture.

Additionally, a waterproof cover can help to prolong the life of the mattress by preventing damage from spills or accidents and save cost.


Is it safe to put a waterproof cover on baby mattress?

Yes, it’s safe to put a waterproof cover on a baby mattress. In fact, it’s recommended for the reasons mentioned above. When purchasing a waterproof cover, make sure it fits securely over the mattress and does not create any potential suffocation hazards for your child.

When you choose a waterproof cover, make sure it is free from any bad chemicals like phthalates or BPA.


Why do babies need a waterproof mattress?

Babies need a waterproof mattress for several reasons. Firstly, babies and young children are prone to accidents and spills, which can result in moisture and bacteria buildup on the mattress. This can cause unpleasant odors and create an unhealthy sleeping environment for your child.

Secondly, a waterproof mattress can help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can develop in damp environments. These can be harmful to your child’s health, especially if they are sensitive to allergies or respiratory issues.

Lastly, a waterproof mattress can make cleaning up accidents and spills much easier and more hygienic. Simply wipe down the waterproof cover with a damp cloth or disinfectant to keep the mattress clean and fresh for your child to sleep on.



A waterproof cover for a pack n play or crib mattress is an essential investment for your child’s safety and hygiene. Even if the mattress is waterproof, a cover can provide an extra layer of protection against accidents and spills, and enhance the life of the mattress. When choosing a waterproof cover, make sure it fits securely over the mattress and is free from harmful chemicals. By investing in a waterproof cover, you can rest assured that your child is sleeping in a clean and healthy environment.




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