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08 Best Glass Baby Bottles | Are They Safe?

Best Glass Baby Bottles For 2023

Baby drinking milk

While searching for the best glass baby bottles, the first thing that might raise your eyebrow is the relation between a glass and a baby, that doesn’t sound safe at all, however when it comes to glass baby bottles, there is a positive link between the two considering the benefits these bottles offer, and for that reasons, glass bottles are outsmarting the plastic bottles with a passage of time.

Being a new buyer or even a parent already using plastic bottles, as a prospective customer while you search for the best glass baby bottles on the market, there are several questions that must be moving around your mind, we call them the most common questions or FAQs, so let’s have a look at some of them below:


Our Top Picks for Best Glass Baby Bottles

Size: 5 oz
Easy to clean 
Aids digestion
Prevent nutrients
Anti-colic system
Breast like shape 
Removable Vent
Ensures consistent flow
Suitable Ages 0-12 months

BPA Free
Size: 4 oz
Easy to clean
Flexible nipple
Slow-flow nipple
Multiple nipple holes
Advanced anti-colic system

BPA free
Size: 4 and 8 oz
Anti-colic valve
Shock resistant glass
Variety of flow rates
Promotes natural latch
Soft and flexible nipple
Compatible with breast pumps and toddler cups
Petals prevent nipple collapse

BPA free
Size: 4 and 8 oz
Micro vents nipple
Variety of flow rates
Mother Nature approved
Dishwasher safe (top rack)
Easy to hold twisted shape
Recyclable tempered glass
B.feeding pump Competible 

BPA free
Size: 9 oz
Anti-colic valve
Closer to nature
Soft silicone nipple
Breast like shape
Supports Transition
Offers three flow speeds

Size: 4 and 9 oz
Dishwasher safe
Shock-resistant glass
Includes Stage 2 silicone
Protective silicone sleeves
Can be used to freeze liquids

BPA free
Size: 3 oz
Anti-colic vents
Range of flow speeds
Safe for heat and freeze
Ergonomically designed
Temperature resistant glass
Resembles mother’s nipple
stores expressed breast milk
Easy transition Mom to bottle

BPA free
Size: 5 oz
Leakproof cap
Slow flow nipple
Two-piece design
Easy to clean wide design
Anti-colic air removal system
Eay breast to bottle transition

Are Glass bottles popular?

If you are looking to buy a baby bottle for the first time, you will be amazed to see the variety available in the market and for that reason, it has become a big challenge for parents to buy a bottle that perfectly fits the need of their baby. If we compare the glass baby bottles with the plastic ones, the plastic ones are more common these days, and most of the parents prefer to follow the trend.

For analysis purpose, if we dive further into the topic we will be surprised to see that glass baby bottles are making a comeback and enjoying the proportional increase in comparison to their counterparts.


Are glass baby bottles better?

The glass baby bottles which were considered as an old-school-concept a few years ago are now making an impressive comeback in the market, consequently there are a number of famous brands that are encouraging this retro-idea and for a reason.

You must have heard the term “BPA’ which stands for ‘bisphenol A’ which basically is an industrial chemical used to manufacture certain plastics including baby bottles. In past these bottles were made with polycarbonate which has a potential negative effect on health, including brain development issues, it can also affect children behaviour. On the contrary glass baby bottles are safe and made to last; contemporary glass bottles are modern and offer some great features.


What are the features of glass baby bottles?

Choosing the right baby bottle is a matter of choice, and the first thought that comes into one’s mind is a plastic bottle, not a bottle made up of glass, however there are certain features that outsmart their counterparts.

Durability: The bottles are not made from ordinary glass, but from tempered glass which makes them more sturdy, tough, and able to survive some serious drop-offs. Furthermore, you also have the option to buy a rubber cover that will provide it with another safety layer against the breakage.

Shock resistant: most of these products are made from shock-resistant material, allowing them to transit from freezing cold to boiling water without getting cracked or damaged.

Easy to clean design: When it comes to cleaning, we all want to get over it rather quickly and easily,  since most of the bottles are made from simple design and offer wide opening area, these are easy to clean. Some of them are dishwasher friendly as well.

Long-lasting: We all have experienced the fact that plastic bottles generally clouds over or generate some kind of fog around them after excessive usage and require a replacement for safe and optimal usage, similarly plastic sometimes develop a certain smell if not immediately washed after use, these issues are not there when you use a glass bottle.

If you are looking for a top-quality glass baby bottle, there are certain features that one should offer to qualify for the title.


Are glass bottles safe for babies?

The glass baby bottles are safer for several reasons, they are BPA free, so parents can have peace of mind, other than that they are easy to clean which is another factor leading towards the safe experience, however, there is no specific proof that goes against the plastic bottles, therefore, end of the day it’s a matter of personal choice.


Are glass bottles too heavy for a baby?

Despite so many advantages a glass baby bottles offer, it is a fact, that they weigh more than plastic bottles which makes it a challenge to hold the bottle especially the smaller babies.

If you compare the pros and cons of both competitors you might ending up going for glass bottle, we have done an in-depth analysis of the popular baby glass bottles available in the market so that you can reach the right decision quickly and choose the best glass baby bottle for your young one.


1. Dr Brown’s Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles:

Dr Brown Glass baby bottlesKey Features:

  • Size: 5 oz
  • Aids digestion
  • Removable Vent
  • Ensures consistent flow
  • Suitable for Ages 0-12 months
  • Prevents nutrients in breast milk
  • Clinically proven anti-colic vent system
  • Breast like shape for natural feeding experience
  • Easy to clean with baking soda and warm water

Why we admire it:

Dr. brown’s plastic baby bottles are renowned for their classic venting system and known as a few of the best glass baby bottles. This baby glass bottle also matches the same standard with its anti-colic vent system that prevents ingestion of air bubbles and removes the vacuum effect.

Its soft silicone nipple and broad neck system are ideal for bottle and breastfeeding babies. You can remove the vent whenever you feel it’s the right time, therefore you don’t need to buy a separate baby bottle.

The specially engineered nipple ensures a smooth and consistent flow allowing your baby to know what to expect in every feeding. This classic glass baby bottle is suitable for ages between 0-12 months.

Price: $18.99 (Pack of three)

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2. NUK Simply Natural Glass Bottles:


NUK Glass baby bottles

Key features:

  • BPA Free
  • Size: 4 oz
  • Easy to clean
  • Advanced anti-colic system
  • Flexible nipple for natural experience
  • Multiple nipple holes feels like mom’s breast
  • Slow-flow nipple provides a comfortable feeding experience

Why we admire it:

The NUK simply natural glass bottles are in the market for quite some time now, and considered among the best glass baby bottles, however previously they were available in the size of 8oz, in the year 2020 they have introduced a size of 4oz which is the best size for smaller babies.

Its unique feature or we can say the speciality is its soft nipple that has three holes that ensures a close to breastfeeding experience. This nipple also comes with a slow-feeding mechanism for a most comfortable feed. Furthermore, it is a one-piece anti-colic system that makes sure to reduce colic, gas and split up for a comfortable experience for the baby and mess-free for the parents.

The independent survey of the year 2019 conducted in Germany highlighted it as one of the best baby glass bottles among mothers.

Also, you have the option to choose from 4oz, 8oz and a gift pack that contains a 1-Piece set includes two 4-oz bottles, three 8-oz bottles, one Newborn pacifier (0-2months), one orthodontic 100% silicone pacifier (0-3months) and one bottle brush.

Price: $17.99 (Pack of 03)

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3. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle:

Philips Avent Bottles

Key features:

  • BPA free
  • Easy to clean
  • Size: 4 and 8 oz
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Promotes natural latch
  • Soft and flexible nipple
  • Natural nipple shape and feel
  • Heat and thermal shock resistant glass
  • Comfortable petals prevent nipple collapse
  • Offers range of flow rates for growing baby
  • Compatible with breast pumps and toddler cups

Why we admire it:

This Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle is not only one of the best-selling glass baby bottle but also the most popular around and recommended by parents. The bottle is made from premium quality borosilicate glass that is heat and thermal shock resistant. It comes with a soft Patel-shaped nipple that are flexible and stay does not collapse, furthermore its slow flow offers a predictable flow for the baby. A variety of flow rates makes it to grow with the baby.

Its anti-colic feature vents the air away from the baby’s tummy and helps providing a well-deserving comfortable experience to the baby. Also, its advanced ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold in any direction

Price: $36.95 (Pack of 04)

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4. Evenflo Glass Premium Proflo Vented Bottles:

Evenflow teal color bottles

Key features:

  • BPA free
  • Size: 4 and 8 oz
  • Vented and slow flow nipple
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Easy to hold twisted shape bottle
  • Mother Nature approved glass bottle
  • Made with recyclable tempered glass
  • Micro vents to protect nipple from collapse
  • Compatible with standard breastfeeding pumps
  • Slow, medium and fast flow nipples (sold separately)

Why we admire it:

The first thing you will notice is its simple design that has no fancy designs but don’t get distracted, it offers all the essential features that as a parent you are looking for. The 4-ounce size offers teal and lavender colour options though. It is made with recyclable tempered glass so, by buying this baby glass bottle you are also be giving support to the environment. Furthermore, its twisted shape is easy to hold in any direction that easy your job.

The nipple has micro air vents that prevent it from collapse and maintain a soft but firm state. It is compatible not only with ‘Even flow’ feeding breast pumps but also with other standard size pumps. You also have the ease to dish wash the bottle but make sure to keep it in the top rack only.

Price: $18.99 (Pack of 6)

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5. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles:

Tomme Tippe Glass Baby Bottles

Key Features:

  • BPA free
  • Size: 9 oz
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Closer to nature
  • Soft silicone nipple flexes like mum
  • Breast like shape for a natural latch
  • Supports breastfeeding babies in easy transition
  • Offers three flow speed options (slow, medium and fast)

Why we admire it:

The Tommee Tippee baby glass bottle is available in the market for quite a long and doing quite well. Its carefully designed shape resembles the breast. Furthermore, its super soft and sensitive nipple flexes like mom and smooth silicone gives a skin life feel.

It is anti-colic ensures limited air intake and reduces the discomfort of the babies.  The bottle is ideal for babies on breastfeeding and their mommies are looking for easy transition. It is BPA free and easy to clean as well.

You have the option to choose from three flow speeds; slow, medium and fast, the smaller the baby, the slower is the speed, however every baby is different therefore monitor your baby’s progress to make sure you are choosing the right speed.

Price: $31.37 (Pack of 6)

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6. Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle:

Lifefactory Blue covered bottle

Key features:

  • Size: 4 and 9 oz
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Protective silicone sleeves
  • Can be used to freeze liquids
  • hock-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Includes Stage 2 silicone nipple, polypropylene cap, ring and stopper

Why we admire it:

The ‘Lifefactory’ baby glass bottles are available in a variety of vibrant colours and in sizes of four and nine ounces. It is made with shock-resistant borosilicate glass allowing you to transition from freezing to boiling water. Also, you can easily wash it in a dishwasher without removing the cover.

Price: $15.90 (Pack of 01)

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7. Haakaa Generation 3 Natural Glass Bottle:

Key features:

  • BPA free
  • Size: 3 oz
  • Anti-colic vents
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Safe for heat and freeze
  • Offers range of flow speed rates
  • Ideal for storing expressed breast milk
  • Temperature resistant borosilicate glass
  • Resembles the shape of mother’s nipple
  • Easy transition from breast to bottle-feeding

Why we admire it:

The orthodontic thumb-shaped silicon provides a mother like feeling to the baby while breastfeeding, this characteristic also makes the transition from breast to bottle milk super easy. Also, its wide neck makes it easy to fill and clean whereas the offset position enables you to feed your baby without inverting the bottle.

Its temperature-resistant borosilicate glass remains sturdy when heated or freeze, it is also ideal for storing expressed breast milk. The anti-colic feature makes the drinking job easy by keeping the air separate. You also have the choice of selecting the right flow rate.

Price: $19.99 (Pack of 01)

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8. Baby Brezza Two-Piece Natural Glass Baby Bottle:

Breeza Wide Glass Baby Bottle

Key features:

  • BPA free
  • Size: 5 oz
  • Leakproof cap
  • Slow flow nipple
  • Two-piece design
  • Easy to clean wide design
  • Anti-colic air removal system
  • Smooth breast to bottle transition

The first thing you will notice is its small and wide bottle shape which is so convenient to use, Furthermore there are two more feature that makes it better than most of its competitors, firstly, its wide shape, which is extremely easy to clean and save you around 10 hours in a year’s time. secondly, its two-piece design takes few seconds to assemble and disassemble.

It is also anti-colic bottles and make sure the baby gets the required liquid rather than the unwanted air. the nipple shape resembles the mom’s breasts which helps in a smooth transition from breast to bottle feed

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At the end of the day, its a matter of personal choice to go with glass or plastic baby bottles, There is no specific study available showing the existing plastic bottles hazardous for the baby’s health, But it is also a fact that glass baby bottles are making a speedy come back in the market and health-conscious parents are considering them while searching for best glass baby bottles for their babies.








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