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Last Updated on June 17, 2023 by babyfellow


Do You Need a Baby Camera or a Security Camera?

White indoor security camera


It is a common questions that most parents have in their mind whether to choose baby monitor or security camera. Well.. the baby monitors and security cameras both can help you watch your home, but they have some important differences. Baby monitors help you feel relaxed about keeping an eye on your kids, while security cameras are meant to protect your by providing security features.

Let’s see what each offers figure out which one is good for you.


Benefits of Baby Monitors:

  • Sound and vibration alerts when your baby makes noise or moves around
  • Audio feature allows you to talk back to your baby from another room
  • Portable design so you can take it with you when traveling


Benefits of Security Cameras:

  • Ability to monitor areas inside and outside your home via video feeds
  • Night vision capabilities that allow the camera to pick up movement even in low light conditions
  • Motion sensors alert you if something out of the ordinary is happening in the area being monitored
  • Two way audio allows you to communicate with someone near the camera remotely

One important thing to consider about security cameras is that there is an infrared light that helps in providing night vision, if the this light is bright and visible, it might disturb your baby’s sleep at night. So, it’s not a good idea to use it as a baby monitor in your baby’s room.



Overall, both baby monitors and security cameras offer unique advantages that will help enhance the safety measures set in place in your home.Whether you choose a baby monitor or security camera for your needs, both products can give parents an extra peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe even when they’re not at home.